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    > I'm not here to argue about what we want

    Simply keep out of the discussion about what most MorphOS-interested current and future Sam460 or X5000 owners most probably want, then ;-)

    > If YOU all want to wait for the GCN cards to be supported, by all means...wait.

    That's exactly the point. Tackling the GCN-based cards earlier would mean less waiting for the above-mentioned target group, wouldn't it?

    > I don't have a problem starting with an R500 or R600 card

    You've made that more than clear by now, but at this point, this part of the discussion isn't about you.

    > Video cards are a cheap investment

    Our point is not about price but about the ability to use both OS4 and MorphOS with one 3D-supported graphics card in a system that is supported by both OS.

    > we have nothing like that in our repertoire.

    Our point is also not about performance, see above.

    > surprisingly low draw

    Our point is also not about power consumption, see above.

    > honestly ALL of you, GET OFF IT.

    Honestly, I don't think I, takemehomegrandma or amigadave will get off our opinions as to which graphics cards we think would make the most sense for most MorphOS-interested current and future Sam460 or X5000 owners to be supported next.

    > you ought to be grateful that these guys are willing to go to this much trouble.

    I sure am, but I think I'm allowed to have my own opinions about alleged MorphOS team decisions, and I also think I'm allowed to venture them here on MorphZone.
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