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    amigadave wrote:
    I have to agree with Andreas Wolf on this topic Jim. Unless Mark and Frank need to work their way up through all the different video cards, in order to learn how each one works, and add 3D acceleration piece by piece, as they learn, it really does not make sense to me to try to support so many different video cards, when supporting just a half dozen should be more than adequate, with more being worked on in the future as necessary. Starting off with the video card that A-Eon has chosen to supply with X5000 systems that are sold as a complete computer system, would make sense to me.

    Of course, I have no knowledge on how and why Mark (and/or Frank) are choosing which video cards to work on next, and I trust their judgement, but I hope that they are not doing more work than they really need to do, as I know it is taking a large part of their free time to work on these video card drivers.

    If Mark (and/or Frank) skip several video cards, and only choose ones that make the most sense to support, I think the majority of the community will understand and approve of that course of action.

    David, I'm not here to argue about what we want, just to guess what we ARE getting.
    If YOU all want to wait for the GCN cards to be supported, by all means...wait.

    I don't have a problem starting with an R500 or R600 card and replacing them as I upgrade.
    Video cards are a cheap investment for me, AND I've gotten a BIG kick out of testing the cards I bought for Mark.
    Before that I relied on lower end cards or SFF cards.
    Even the 4870 was a revelation.
    Guys, we have nothing like that in our repertoire.
    And the 5850 is about twice as powerful.
    The 7850 is not only fast, but surprisingly low draw.

    I myself, I'll probably skip the R7 and R9 cards, I'd really like an RX470.

    But honestly ALL of you, GET OFF IT.

    It will be ready when its done, not a second sooner, and you ought to be grateful that these guys are willing to go to this much trouble.

    PLUS, these drivers will be a great base for recompilation to X64.
    "Never attribute to malice what can more readily explained by incompetence"
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