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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > Radeon HD6970 outperforms an HD7750, and earlier cards like the HD5750
    > are not far behind the 7750, while they can be had at a fraction of the cost.

    Current best price on eBay Germany for used card:

    HD 5750: 33 EUR (= 35 USD)
    HD 6970: 99 EUR (= 104 USD)
    HD 7750: 25 EUR (= 26 USD)

    Point me to the 7750, because I want one for my Lenovo SFF system (which currently has a 6450), the cost of those here is several times higher.
    But it has to be a SFF card (that is what is shipped with the X5000 and what I need for the Lenovo).

    In fact, if the 7750 is still shipped with the X5000 when I buy a system, I'm pulling it for install in my X64 system, and installing a 6970 or 7850.

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