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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > if you were a SAM owner, would you want to spend $150 on an HD 7750 when you
    > could get an earlier card for $20-30?

    If I was a Sam460 owner then this would certainly be the case because I wanted to also run OS4 with a 3D-supported graphics card. Thus, I would of course spend the surcharge (just found a new HD 7750 on eBay Germany for 88 EUR (= 93 USD) and a used one for 25 EUR (= 26 USD)) for a 3D-supported GCN-based card instead of buying a cheaper pre-GCN card unsupported in terms of 3D.

    >> IMHO it makes the most sense to start with whatever shipped with the X5000.
    >> Then support earlier/later generations after that.

    > throwing in your two cents with this "it ought to be done now to the exclusion of
    > the earlier cards" crap

    Supporting earlier cards later on wouldn't equal exclusion. And I think takemehomegrandma has a point.

    You would.
    But then, how much time have either of you spent using OS4?
    Until recently most Amiga software relied on composting, and they still managed to get fairly decent results.

    Most of the cards I've mentioned work fine under OS4.
    And like I said before, I'd settle for an R500 card in an X5000 right now.
    Then again, I'd primarily be running MorphOS or Linux, rarely OS4.

    Now IF we could use two Radaeon cards simultaneously...
    I'd like to have an HD Radeon PCIe card and a Radeon 9200 PCI card running simultaneously on two or three displays.
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