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    takemehomegrandma wrote:

    Jim wrote:
    I don't expect to see the GCN cards addressed anytime soon.
    The next series would likely be the R600s.
    That should include everything from the HD 2400Pro to the 3870.
    After that the R700s should be next, with the HD 4450 to 4890.
    Then there are the cards from the HD 5450 to 6970.

    AFTER those, then it would make sense to tackle the GCN cards.

    When we get to the R7, R9, and RX cards, we will have a base of earlier cards that will be fully supported (unlike the jump in OS4 from the R200 series to the GCN cards).

    IMHO it makes the most sense to start with whatever shipped with the X5000. Then support earlier/later generations after that. I mean, if there are several unsupported GPU families, why not start with whatever people needs/wants? And will anyone really need/want R600 cards at all if newer ones are better and easier ot obtain? What's the point in that?

    Actually, a Radeon HD6970 outperforms an HD7750, and earlier cards like the HD5750 are not far behind the 7750, while they can be had at a fraction of the cost.

    As to the R600s, I have one in reserve here for myself, so yeah, I guess a few might find those cards interesting.
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