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    Yeah...I'm pretty familiar with that info Andreas, I had to tear it apart in order to figure out what cores were used.
    I did skip the 4350, I'll have to ask Bigfoot if he wants one.
    He has some of the R600 and R700 cards he needs to start with, and I have a few more here that need to be shipped, along with a few R800 cards.
    I'll have the first of those out in about a week, with the rest shipped before the end of January.

    Mark should have the needed representatives from the R600 to R900 series' before Spring (there is a HUGE delay shipping into South Africa), and I'm sure he will work his way through the cards progressively.

    But I doubt that they will hold up the release of 3.10 until all the cards without acceleration are updated.

    And I doubt he will tackle the GCN cards until he has these legacy cards working.
    But I'd assume they are eventual targets.

    I have all the cards I think are needed up to the HD6970 (I'm not considering the 6990 as its a dual gpu solution) except for a few I'm still sourcing.

    Frankly, there are some nice solutions available in the 5000-6000 series, in particular the 5670, 5750, 6670, and 6750.
    These are all relatively low power cards that have more power than we really need.
    That's one of the reasons I'm in no hurry to see the GCN cards supported, everything after the 4000 series is frighteningly powerful.

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