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    >> Is it reasonable to expect that, along with X5000 support, the improved
    >> Radeon HD support will include some of the higher end (at least in the
    >> Amiga world) video cards that can be installed in an X5000? I'm talking
    >> about cards like the R9 270X and such.

    > I doubt it. [...] But in my opinion that doesn't matter much. No software
    > here on MorphOS which could utilize a good r500/r600-card to the full
    > with just one CPU-core.

    I think the question about support for GCN-based graphics cards in MorphOS aims at the possibility of using the X5000 with OS4/MorphOS dual boot with just one single graphics card installed. If graphics card support is not sufficiently overlapping between the two OS, two different graphics cards will have to be installed.
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