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    Is it reasonable to expect that, along with X5000 support, the improved Radeon HD support will include some of the higher end (at least in the Amiga world) video cards that can be installed in an X5000? I'm talking about cards like the R9 270X and such.

    I doubt it. Radeon HD cards are r600-series, which is AFAIK an evolutionary step from the r500-series already supported (and now getting improved). The R9 270X/370X are GCN1-series. Rather a new design than an evolutionary step.

    It took more than a year in Linuxland for proper support. And by devs which are directly employed at AMD... Recently AMD released GCN4-cards which are run by an an entierly different driver. ;-) My uneducated guess is that framebuffer-support will be pracitial in a shorter period of time, but don't expect halfway decent 2D/3D-acceleration anytime soon for cards newer than r600-series.

    But in my opinion that doesn't matter much. No software here on MorphOS which could utilize a good r500/r600-card to the full with just one CPU-core. ;-)

    Much more interesting would be utilizing the UVD-unit (Universal Video Decoder) which is present from r600-series on. This unit can do high-res MPEG4/VC1/H264-decoding in hardware. This would allow decent videoplayback, even on single-core machines.

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