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    > 2d acceleration for all Radeons

    ...meaning Radeon HD (and newer?), as pre-HD Radeons already are 2D-accelerated in current MorphOS.

    > 3d and Overlay for R500

    Isn't this already there since MorphOS 3.8?

    > expanded developer environment

    Yes, this should be part of the separate SDK.

    > 1,8 GB of RAM available for G5 PowerMacs

    Yes, this known one had escaped me yesterday. But according to geit these 1.7 GiB (= 1.8 GB) are not restricted to the G5.

    > Odyssey with integrated AROS-derived fixes

    That's fantastic. I read about an update to be provided in MorphOS 3.10 but wasn't sure this wasn't going to be just an update of the linked OpenSSL component (as in the "updated" Odyssey in MorphOS 3.9).

    > new screenbar modules (e.g. screengrabber)

    Yes, as reported by geit. Forgot that one yesterday, too.

    > Obj-C integration

    Isn't that already in the current SDK?
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