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    If several members here are going to order one of these skins, I will probably join in as well, to make it more worthwhile for the person making them. I imagine that it will be more cost effective to make a dozen or two dozen of them, than just one or two.

    I would be interested in buying a half dozen myself, then I could sell or give them away at the annual AmiWest Show each October. I did a paper version of a picture of the Morpho butterfly, and painted the remainder of the MacMini top, but don't like the way it turned out (I'm no artist, by a long way), so I would like to remove it, sand down the existing paint job to make it smooth again, and then cover the entire top with one of these proposed vinyl skins, to make my Mini look good again, and show off that it is a MorphOS computer, not a MacOSX system any more.

    Let me know if anyone here decides to produce these skins, so I can order several of them.
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