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    Something like that could probably be done quite simply with a good quality piece of white card/paper, colour laser printer and then put into a hot laminate pouch, and the paper pre-cut/shaped to suit the rounded edges of the top of the MacMini before it was laminated - and the clear folded edges slid down the edge of the top of the Mac Mini, with a double-sided sticky backing to hold it in position. The Morph butterfly is easy to source, and the name can probably be typed out, as long as the MorphOS guys are OK with it being used for this purpose, and can supply the correct typeface, if that is an issue.

    Or, were you meaning something more professionally done like a plastic/acrylic sheet with the artwork etched/screen printed onto the surface?

    The problem, as far as I see it, if it was on a plastic/acrylic surface thicker than a few microns is how to keep it 'flush' with the top, as there would be no way to get the edges down the edge of the aluminium housing.

    (yes - it's A l u m i n i u m, as you don't refer to Potassium as - P o t a s s u m, or Calcium as - C a l c u m, or Magnesium as - M a g n e s u m, or Plutonium as - P l u t o n u m . . . now do you?) 8-D
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