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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    >>> does Grunch automatically update its repository database?

    >> No.

    > Grunch databases get updated by Grunch aslong as someone bothered to update them.

    As far as I can see, the current version of the official Grunch repository database (i.e. the database which also contains the list of known 3rd party databases) is more than a year old, and that database seems only contained in the Grunch archive and not available separately online for easy and fast update by geit. So yes, the official Grunch repository database gets updated by Grunch every time geit is bothered to update it, which is not very often it seems. That is far from the automatic repository database update process relyt knows from GNU/Linux, as indicated by the MorphOS SDK problem he reported.

    Well, if the developers provide proper version information when updating an archive, there is no need for updating the database.

    Updates are only needed, when some URL gets unavailable. Also every developer can maintain (update) his software repository on his own, without me involved. It just needs one initial change to add a developer and thats is.

    Also I updated the database last month (??) to add jpv as developer. Also the database is updated separatly from the main archive.

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