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    Genesi still operates in a similar fashion to the above described logic.
    When I contacted Bill Buck about the idea of building one final PPC board, he had already scheduled an appointment with Freescale reps to discuss another matter.
    He assured me that he had engineers that could handle the design work, and that he still had access to Thomas' production facilities.
    He then asked for a summary of the ideas currently being floated for a low cost board and the likely cpu candidates.
    After discussing it here and at other sites, I sent him outlines of three specific types of systems (based both on e5500 and e6500 cored cpus) that represented a cross section of possible approaches at different performance and price points,
    Unfortunately, Bill did not receive much encouragement or interest from Freescale on this project, and he decided not pursue it.
    I respect that decision as one based on sound business principles.
    I have since decided to purchase an Aeon X5000 as my last PPC based MorphOS system and will wait patiently to see what Geit and the rest of the MorphOS developers do on the X64 front.

    Personally, I like the PPC cpu, and if it had more of a future, I'd be pushing further for it.
    But I've learned from past support decisions that our developers have a good grasp of the hardware market and will undoubtedly lead us in the correct direction in the future.

    So, while disappointed in the specs of Aeon's Tabor board, and the inability to find another alternative, I can at least buy a new system (hopefully soon) and then sit and wait for an eventual migration.
    Since the decision to make this move has already commenced, and the competition continues to focus on PPCs, I'm comfortable with this situation.

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