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    relyt/tyler wrote: A PowerPC machine and a registered copy of MorphOS seem to be the way to go if one needs an affordable Amiga-compatible system.

    Yes, I'd agree, why pay for OS4 anyway, as the prospects look, to me, very shaky/unstable at this moment in time, . . . AND MorphOS can run on hardware that's faster, cheaper, and works better than OS4, even when it's up and running. PLUS, you get all this, and much more support, if needed, for FREE. 8-D

    The only advantage to some is that OS4 can now run inside the UAE environment on PC hardware, but it still runs more slowly, AFAIK.

    I have OS4 Classic & OS4FE, as I'm a legacy guy (I'm taking the medicine for it right now, but it doesn't help) :-(

    *NOTE* OWB version 1.24 from 'Fab's site or probably elsewhere is supposed to use a marginally compromised SSL/TLS release, wheras the OWB version 1.23 on the MorphOSCD.iso is a later version that is resilient for 'Heartbleed' issues, also AFAIK. ;-)


    relyt/tyler wrote: In the process of setting up my machine/learning stuff, I have installed Grunch for the purpose of installing software. I'm finding that some packages are either slow to download or download partially before an error is thrown.

    Yes, I have had errors, such as ZoomIT -> that seems to want to find an older version than the newer version that is already available, so baulks, and displays an error. There are a few others, but as long as the majority are OK I think that's a good thing, and the few that are left usually are a straightforward double-click install if you download the specific archived files from wherever they 'reside' webpage/Aminet, etc..

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