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    relyt wrote:
    It seems to me like there is a big market for new Amiga systems in Europe. I've seen mention of an X1000 and other newer hardware offered by a few companies I've never heard of. I searched to see what an X1000 would cost, and the price was quite high. Beyond that, I don't think it was available for order. Am I opening a can of worms if I ask why this third party Amiga hardware is so expensive? A PowerPC machine and a registered copy of MorphOS seem to be the way to go if one needs an affordable Amiga-compatible system.

    It gets expensive when you have to make a whole new design and manufacturing of a machine which isn't expected to sell much and batches made are quite small. You can't press the price down with quantities.

    Somehow Genesi succeeded to make new quite affordable machines back in the day for MorphOS, but maybe times are even harder now and PPC as a platform is more marginal too. X1000 and forthcoming X5000 are also quite highend design, aiming for the perfomance rather than cutting costs.

    There have been a bit cheaper options from ACube, but in any case the problem with this kind of new hardware is that batches are small and they go out of stock pretty quickly, and you have to have lucky timing to get one. That's why it indeed is better to have support for other mainstream hardware which has been produced for masses and which is cheap. At least it will stay available for much longer and does have better support in every way.


    In the process of setting up my machine/learning stuff, I have installed Grunch for the purpose of installing software. I'm finding that some packages are either slow to download or download partially before an error is thrown. My Internet throughput is 50 / 5 (down / up) Mbps. Notably, the download for OWB was incredibly slow, and the download request for the MorphOS SDK threw an error. I was able to go online and successfully download both files from respective websites in a reasonable amount of time.

    Hmm.. the french server with OWB is known to be very slow to some locations... for some it seems to be slow, but for some it works fine, but that should have been affecting to your direct download too, I guess.

    Grunch seems to link SDK to morphos-files site, which has been abandoned lately and contains an old one now. Geit should update his database for it...


    If applicable, does Grunch automatically update its repository database?

    Yes, it should update its databases automatically. There is an official database and several user databases, and you can see them as "Grunch" type in the software list in the Grunch main window. You can check that they are in the Update mode for sure.
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