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    Jim wrote:
    I'll agree that OSX is somewhat bloated, but objections to it being called MacOS baffle me. Frankly I consider that marketing shift to be a negative. Until OS10, I had no use what so ever for MacOS.
    OSX's BSD base is definitely superior to earlier forms of MacOS.
    Its one of the few things I will give Jobs a nod for.

    Having a BSD base is not very noticeable if OSX is bloated.

    Also, Apple likes to brag about itself, you would think that they would be capable of either designing software and also OS from scratch or buy the Unix company.


    Kronos wrote:

    99% of current macOS users don't have personal memories with MacOS so I doubt it's really much of a negative.

    What it does is making it easier to for new users:

    AppleTV ? Look up stuff for tvOS
    iPhone/pad -> iOS
    AppleWatch -> watchOS
    Mac -> OS_X ? OSX11 ? OS_10 ? WTF ???

    I am not a current "Mac" user. :-) Only Ancient Macs with 9.2.2 or MorphOS. :-D (Also, iPods)


    amigadave wrote:

    NewSense wrote:

    relyt/tyler wrote: I'm going to turn the question around on you guys that have been around a while: What's your reason for using and supporting MorphOS/interest in Amiga?

    Well for me, it's because the Amiga has always had the most elegant/intuitive OS that, so far, has been programmed, IMHO. 8-D

    It's just a pity that most people of the era that it was programmed/released in remember it for just a gaming system, rather than looking into the useability of the OS itself.

    Probably most of us who still use the Amiga, and other variants like MorphOS really appreciated what it is capable of, as it is the first truly multi-tasking OS, that actually 'does what it says on the tin' and have loved using it..


    The responsiveness of the AmigaOS1.0 to 3.1, even when run on an ancient 7MHz Motorola 68000 CPU, plus the amazing multi-tasking that actually works better than any version of Windows, or MacOSX, in my experience, is what impresses me the most, and keeps me wanting to use it. That plus the fact that the Amiga A1000 was my first personal computer, and first learning experience on any computer platform. What I learned on my A1000 allowed me to advance further and faster than all my fellow employees, and I credit the Amiga as an essential part of why someone like me, without a college degree, was able to attain the position of Director of Building & Safety, and Chief Building Official, which normally require at least a Bachelor's degree (in anything), and more often require post graduate education, or a Masters degree.

    If only Commodore had spent more time and money further developing AmigaOS, and had upgraded the Amiga's hardware, to keep it far ahead of the IBM clones with Windows, or Mac's and MacOS, plus marketed it correctly to include business and education sales, the increased sales would have kept Commodore afloat and the computing world would be a very different place than it is today. Anyone who saw a side by side comparison of the Amiga A1000, one of the original monochrome Mac's, and IBM x86 clones, would clearly choose the Amiga, if comparable software was available for all three. Marketing the Amiga as primarily only a games machine doomed it from the very early days.

    People who use computers only for games don't have any actual use for computers. Amiga Computer should have been targeted towards various Office, Business, Education, Graphics, Radio, and Television companies. The "TV Guide" channel was an Amiga, and The Weather Channel didn't use Amigas but something very similar. If Commodore Amiga would have focused on selling computers to The Weather Channel for example then they would have been extremely successful.
    :-) I Support Quark Microkernel. :-D
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