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    Kronos wrote:

    99% of current macOS users don't have personal memories with MacOS so I doubt it's really much of a negative.

    What it does is making it easier to for new users:

    AppleTV ? Look up stuff for tvOS
    iPhone/pad -> iOS
    AppleWatch -> watchOS
    Mac -> OS_X ? OSX11 ? OS_10 ? WTF ???

    Remembering that the Amiga had a color display before the Mac, and that early versions of MacOS didn't even have a CLI does tend to taint my perception.
    Funny, I don't use AppleTV, an iPhone, or an iPad, so Apple interactivity doesn't affect me.

    But having MacOS jacked up and a real OS driven underneath it to give it solid base?
    Definitely a plus. Its NEXT's only lasting legacy.

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