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    relyt wrote:

    In_Correct wrote:
    Welcome. :-D

    I too had only silly Windows 3.1 as a small child, even when Windows 95 and Windows 98 was released. And when we finally got Windows 98, it was already outdated as well. Eventually we got several old IBM computers. Many did not work. Among them were several IBM 286, 386, and old IBM computers (5100?) that weighed a ton, and a few other IBMs, and they were still able to print to a Cannon BubbleJet despite the printer being newer. These computers used Dos Shell. I don't think you can get a new printer to connect to an old computer. Unfortunately I no longer have these. I do not have any room for them and have only become interested in laptop computers. (And about laptop computers: It seems I only want laptops with giant screens and full size built in keyboards).

    The only time I was around Macs is in elementary school had a computer lab of Pizza Boxes and even Apple branded printers. These computers had every possible feature, both hardware and software. The hardware had speakers, microphone, and the graphics appeared to be much better. The OS was much nicer, much more responsive, and contained After Dark screensavers and plenty of software and games of much higher quality compared to Windows.

    Later, as an adult: I wanted to have an Apple computer, and thinking that the experience would be similar. It was not. The Internet is now designed to make these old computers useless for Internet Web Browsing. That was when I decided to try Mac OS "10" (Mac OS X, now deceptively called MacOS) which is absolutely nothing at all similar to original Mac OS. Instead of fixing the problems with Mac OS, they decide to use a *Nix version. They have this thing called "TruBluEnvironment" (or something) which was unstable. Mac OS X is very slow, and especially on Blue And White G3 ... which was very difficult to install Mac OS X on it. Once "Classilla" was added, then I was able to use the Internet on Mac OS 9.2.2 again, and switched back to 9.2.2. Unfortunately Classilla is no longer updated.

    I still have G3 PowerBooks, G3 iBooks, and G3 iMacs to use the decade and a half of software and games, and even aftermarket software and games. I was still curious to see if anything similar to Original Mac OS is currently maintained.

    And that is how and why I am here. Also, I do not like how mainstream operating systems expect you to replace your computer every few months only for an even slower operating system.

    I have a iBook G4, a PowerBook G4, and enjoy MorphOS. I am also impressed that MorphOS focuses on performance and not gimmicks. It is the future of computing, or would be if more people joined.

    Grunch is a software manager. But there is other software that has not been available with Grunch. I enjoy Cinnamon Writer. I also enjoy the name. "Cinnamon Writer". :-P

    Looks like you're from around the Silicon Prairie. I lived in Denton for a few years, back in the mid-2000s. Loved it.

    Agreed that OS X (macOS or whatever the heck it's branded this decade) is slow. It runs insanely slow on my 2013 iMac. For $1300, I'm not pleased with its performance, and it gets worse with each update. And, each update includes new features that I don't care about. But, it's not all about me...

    Did Cameron Kaiser stop development of Classilla? I'm sure TenFourFox has been keeping him busy in addition to is professional and personal life. Anyway, sounds like we followed similar paths to wind up here.

    I'd like to see more mainstream software ported to MorphOS, namely OpenOffice/LibreOffice and Thunderbird (or another email client). That's really my only gripe. Perhaps I just need to familiarize myself with what software is available (thanks to the links provided by you all) and stop crying. Beyond Cinnamon Writer, are there other recent software projects for MorphOS? I wish I had some programming talent to offer...



    printf("Hello World");


    ...but that's all I've got.

    Unless something changes, I think the future of mainstream computing will be similar to what we already do with TV: consume content. I hope I'm wrong.


    amigadave wrote:
    Thanks for the detailed reply to my questions about your background, and how you came to be a MorphOS user. It is always interesting to me to find out how and why non-Amiga users became MorphOS users.

    No problem. Apologies if my story wasn't very epic, and more than you bargained for. ;)

    I'm going to turn the question around on you guys that have been around a while: What's your reason for using and supporting MorphOS/interest in Amiga?

    Yes. And I was born in Denton. :-D It has changed since the mid 2000s.

    One of the things that Cameron Kaiser did to Classilla was make it a "mobile" browser and then left it at that, stating that it is easier on older computers. I viewed this method as a shortcut and prefer he did not think of the mobile browser.

    Fortunately MorphOS supports slightly newer computers and does not support computers designed to natively boot Mac OS 9.2.2. It is almost as if MorphOS picks up where Mac OS 9.2.2 left off. And it's Internet browser Oddysey is slightly more updated (and completely Desktop). If computers for MorphOS are not new enough, there is an eventual QBox for X64 ISA and AMD64 ISA and hopefully new 17+ inch laptop with full keyboard which would require software porting. Ideally I would like to see QBox be made for Power and PowerPC and ARM and MIPS as well. Perhaps I will have to do it. :-) But I too am a very unskilled programmer at the moment.

    I only mentioned Cinnamon Writer because it had to be installed separately. And I like the name of it :-P It also matches the pattern to name software from food.
    :-) I Support Quark Microkernel. :-D
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