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    relyt wrote:
    As I understand, a directory without an accompanying .info file is not visible in icon view.

    You can still view them in icon view by selecting "All files" as the sub mode (from the rightmost cycle gadget on the window or by right clicking window's dragbar or empty area).


    How does a guy create a .info file to assign an icon to a directory, and where is this .info file stored? I feel like this question is a bit elementary, yet might not make sense. I'll do my best to reword it or be more detailed if I need to. Is there a directory where icons are stored?

    A .info file is stored on the same directory with the actual file or directory. You'd have "mydir" and "mydir.info" next to each other in the same directory, and you can see them separately if viewing an Ambient window in the list mode, or by listing the files from the shell with the Dir or List commands, for example.

    There are many ways to create a new .info file. Basically you could just copy and rename an existing icon from the shell or Ambient, but maybe the easiest way would be to open the icon information window (right click the file/dir or press the command-i combination when the wanted file/dir is selected) and drag a suitable icon from any other dir/file there and click the save button


    I'm curious to know what hardware you all are using to run MorphOS and how long the PowerPC platform will remain relevant to this community. I have a few other, faster PowerPC computers. Also, is MorphOS the main operating system for some of you? Any recommendations for essential applications for a new guy like me?

    My main MorphOS setup is still Mac mini 1.5GHz, but I also have PB1.67GHz and couple IBooks for portability. And recently bought a 2.0 GHz G5 machine for the future if something happens to my mini (I still like the small and energy efficient design).

    I've been using Mac mini from 2009 and I guess it still goes for years... and then I can extend PPC usage with my G5 machine. So I'm not in that hurry to make switch to other architectures :P

    MorphOS is my main operating system at home and I can do almost everything I need with it. Of course you occasionally need some more mainstream compatible systems too, but I love MorphOS for daily use.

    For the software I'd recommend to take a look at Grunch first, and only after that looking those other mentioned software sources.
    Here are some tips: Installing, Updating, and Configuring Essential Software

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