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    As I understand, a directory without an accompanying .info file is not visible in icon view.

    Not only the directory, but the files as well. Unless you switch to "all files" view mode, that is.


    How does a guy create a .info file to assign an icon to a directory, and where is this .info file stored?

    The easiest way to create an icon to a file/directory is to rename a .png file to file.info or directory.info accordingly. Or you could just open information window for this particular file/directory and then drag&drop a .png file (or any of the existing icons) on the default icon shown in this window. Other ways include using some icon editors, but that's because MorphOS supports not only png icons, but also some classic Amiga icon formats.


    Is there a directory where icons are stored?

    There's no 'central' directory for icons. They are stored together with files. The 'disk.info' is in the root directory of the disk, while other directory icons are 'outside' of the directories they are connected to. The icons for files are stored together with their files. When you switch to 'List' mode and show all files you'll see the .info files as well.
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