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    Welcome to the MorphOS community Tyler. As we have probably less than 50 registered MorphOS users within the USA, I am always glad to read that we have another new user join our tiny community, and specially one who is not a previous Amiga user, as this shows that MorphOS is interesting enough to gain some new users from outside the few million former Amiga users.

    I am an Amiga user since 1986, which was my first personal computer, and I have been promoting MorphOS use, trying to increase our user base by demonstrating my several MorphOS systems at the yearly AmiWest Show in Sacramento, California (Efika, 1.42GHz eMac & iBook (both donated as a raffle prizes during separate past AmiWest shows), 1.5GHz G4 MacMini, dual 1.42GHz G4 MDD PowerMac converted to single 1.25GHz G4, which has been over-clocked to 1.5GHz, 15" 1.67GHz G4 PowerBook (gifted to a friend in France), 17" 1.67GHz G4 PowerBook, and lastly my dual 2.7GHz G5 PowerMac). I also have a defective dual 2.5GHz G5 PowerMac that has motherboard damage which prevents one of the two G5 CPUs from being used, and a 2nd dual 2.7GHz G5 PowerMac, that have unregistered versions of MorphOS installed, which will likely be gifted to friends, raffled as prizes, or sold, in the near future.

    I am interested to know what your reason(s) is/are for wanting to use older PPC Mac computers, which led you to find out about MorphOS? Are you a programmer perhaps, who like coding for the PPC architecture more than the x86/x64 architecture, or are you a Mac user who preferred using MacOS versions previous to MacOSX, and therefore prefer the PPC architecture for that reason? Being part of such a small computer community, we are always in need of more programmers, which is why I ask about your background.

    In any event, welcome again and I am glad you have found your way here, and hope that we can answer all of your questions, so you can get the maximum enjoyment from using your MorphOS system. I don't know how long MorphOS for PPC will be supported by the official MorphOS Dev. Team members, but I would guess that support will continue for many years into the future, as porting, or recreating MorphOS to run on x64 will likely take a long time. I think it is official that the developers intend to add memory protection and SMP to the x64 version of MorphOS, which will make it different (and better) than our current PPC version, which is closely tied to supporting legacy Amiga software. The x64 version of MorphOS will likely only be able to run legacy Amiga 68k software by using UAE.

    If you are ever able to make it to Sacramento some October, to attend one of the annual AmiWest Shows, please introduce yourself to me at the MorphOS display table.
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