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    relyt/tyler wrote: Hi everyone.

    Hi tyler, and hope the learning curve has been fairly straightforward for you, so far. Welcome aboard :bloons:

    relyt/tyler wrote: iconify vs. minimize (Can you iconify to a panel instead of the desktop?)

    No, just iconify to the desktop with MorphOS. However, you can 'shrink' a window, using the next to right most right hand top corner gadget in a window, or you can choose to move it off to the side/top/bottom of the screen, so it's basically out of view, you'd probably need to adjust the System Preferences to do that - when you have opened the Prefs GUI, click on IControl, and choose the TAB > Screens and Desktop, and then change the options for . . . . When dragging windows, which is fairly simple/straightforward to change.

    relyt/tyler wrote: Why the Boot directory is visible on my desktop.

    The boot directory is not a hidden device, and I am not sure if it can be hidden anyway or if there is a 'flag' that can allow this feature for HFS partitions under MorphOS, and in any case why would you want/need to do that anyway?

    relyt/tyler wrote: Work directory - What's it for?

    The Work partition/directory is for general use/storage for the files related to applications - though this is not 'set in stone' and you can use it for whatever you want, such as downloaded files, database files, spreadsheets, photos, games . . . heck, anything you want to use it for.

    The partition 'Work' can, of course, be renamed to anything you want to have it named as - Right-click for options Menu Icons>Rename (CMD+r/R), but originally with the early Classic Amiga the Work Partition was created by the installer software as the secondary partition, and many users still like this secondary partition/directory to be named 'Work' - nostalgic reasons I suppose.

    I most often change the name to something else when I setup an Amiga system, and I don't use the name 'Work' for my partitions, but it's a personal preference I suppose. Just name it to whatever you want it to be called. :-)

    relyt/tyler wrote: There are probably other things... I'm curious to know what hardware you all are using to run MorphOS and how long the PowerPC platform will remain relevant to this community.

    I'm going to leave that question to be answered by one of the development team to answer, as I don't have a crystal ball, and definitely not a pair of them. ;-)

    relyt/tyler wrote: Also, is MorphOS the main operating system for some of you?

    I use it for most of my daily computer use, but not work, as there are still not enough Office applications of sufficient maturity and competence to allow this, but you can always dual-boot back to Mac OSX for anything you are more familiar with if you need to.

    I can use OWB for most of my home web-browsing, and SCANdal for my scanning requirements, and the Beta printing system that uses "USBPAR:" device by Zukow allows me to print from PageStream, including virtually anything else on MorphOS or that is a PDF to my HP 2500 Colour Laserjet from my Mac Mini 1.5GHz, though virtually any capable PostScript printer will also work with MorphOS.

    I also use a program called 'PageStream' version which serves me well to write virtually any document I want but it requires registration with the PageStream website, if it is still available to register.

    If you've not installed the Chrysalis v3.9.2.iso then you might consider downloading that and seeing what's on offer. Some users can't live without it, I'd be one of those, but some users just don't like it as far as I understand, but for me - what's not to like. ;-)


    relyt/tyler wrote: Any recommendations for essential applications for a new guy like me?

    It's a question of what you want to use MorphOS for - Office, Games, Graphics, etc.

    There is a wealth of software from the Classic Amiga era that is supported within MorphOS, and lots more that's been adapted from the Open Source community for MorphOS.

    If you're unfamiliar with them then take a look at:

    Aminet - as there are many files there to browse that work with MorphOS, and of course
    MorphOS Files - for native coded MorphOS utilities, appplications, games, etc.
    MorphOS Library - the MorphOS library - where there is a plethora of information to be found

    relyt/tyler wrote: I'm sure many of my questions have been answered before, but a search didn't yield anything relevant. It's possible my queries weren't worded correctly.

    Ask any question you like, as we all want everyone who uses MorphOS to enjoy using it, so ask as many questions as you like . . within reason. 8-D

    Hope that's enough information for the moment for your needs.
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