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    Hi everyone.

    My name is Tyler. I'm relatively new to MorphOS and this community. I've been aware of the operating system's existence since version 3.4; I installed it on an eMac, and tinkered awhile, but never did pay for a registered copy. I wasn't sure that I was committed to having a eMac sitting on my desk, or whether I was ready to drop the money for a keyfile. I had read that the G4 Mac Mini was an ideal piece of hardware for MorphOS anyway. So, I waited...

    Last year, I came across a Mac Mini G4 on eBay for a cheap price and was pleased to find out that it was the 1.5 GHz silent upgrade model. After putting OS X on it and realizing how slow it was, I purchased a keyfile and the Mini became my MorphOS machine.

    I'm impressed with the design of MorphOS, but as someone who has never used Amigas (Apple // instead and then Windows) or an Amiga-like platform, there are a few idiosyncrasies that I'm still getting used to:

    iconify vs. minimize (Can you iconify to a panel instead of the desktop?)
    Why the Boot directory is visible on my desktop.
    Work directory - What's it for?
    There are probably other things...

    I'm likely different from most of you in that I don't have an exact need to use an Amiga compatible platform. I found myself here because I was looking for alternative operating systems for PowerPC Macs. What I've seen is a small, yet connected global community. And I understand the developers are a talented - and approachable - crew. I felt compelled to support them and to also learn something new in the process. So, here I am with my Mac Mini G4 and the desire to become more familiar with the MorphOS/Amiga world.

    I'm curious to know what hardware you all are using to run MorphOS and how long the PowerPC platform will remain relevant to this community. I have a few other, faster PowerPC computers. Also, is MorphOS the main operating system for some of you? Any recommendations for essential applications for a new guy like me?

    I'm sure many of my questions have been answered before, but a search didn't yield anything relevant. It's possible my queries weren't worded correctly.

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