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    amigadave wrote:

    Jim wrote:
    To my fellow MorphOS users in the United States, and to all others no matter where they hail from, wishing you all a happy Thanksgiving from the east coast of the US.

    Jim Igou

    To all 5 or 6 of us in the USA you mean? ;-)

    Just kidding, but it does seem like there are very few MorphOS users here in North America and I wish we had more MorphOS users in the USA, to share the experience with. I don't dislike AmigaOS4.1FE or their users and developers (well, with the exception of one person at Hyperion), but I do wish MorphOS had a more active user base here, as I really believe that it is a superior OS, with great developers working on the OS itself. AmigaOS4.1 has some great 3rd party developers, and currently is enjoying the paid for increase in new 3rd party software development, thanks to one specific companyh, but the progress on the OS is so glacially slow, with no communication from the parent company or its developers allowed, that negates 99% of the positive energy being put into that platform.

    I sometimes think that MorphOS needs something to give it a kick toward better recognition and the appreciation of more users, but I have no idea what that "kick" could be, or how it would happen. I would love to see the MorphOS user base grow larger, and gain new 3rd party developers, as well as new members for the MorphOS Development Team, to reinvigorate the team and spread out the workload, so that the few members doing the lion's share of the work don't get burned out on the project.

    Hope your holiday celebration is full of family and friends Jim.

    Yeah David,
    I feel pretty isolated.
    There is one user that lives near me, you are all the way across the country from me, and red lives at the bottom of the country.

    Who are the other two?
    I didn't know there were that many. ;-)

    And encouraging development?
    I can't even get the developer of Cinnamon Writer to take a Mac Mini system from me (with a registered copy of the OS no less).

    OS4 development?
    It always been glacial.
    That's what makes the goals for 4.2 so amusing.

    But...they are hobbyist OS'.
    What I would love to see is more software development.

    Anyway, I've overeaten, played nice with my relatives, and contacted a few friends across the globe today.
    Its been a good day.
    I have to dive back into some work with Excel tomorrow (not my favorite software package), so...its ice cream and apple pie and an early bedtime.

    Damn that sounded OLD. Take care.
    "Never attribute to malice what can more readily explained by incompetence"
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