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    amigadave wrote:
    As always, I applaud the MorphOS Dev. Team members for not charging for any updates, but even though I paid full price (150 euros) for my first MorphOS keyfile for my Efika, I would not object to paying for future updates, if those funds would help sustain development of MorphOS in the future.

    This has been discussed many times and I still think that would be a bad idea. MorphOS has a natural update plan, because the keyfile is bound to hw. I bet many of us don't use the machine with 150 euros keyfile much anymore, but have been upgrading to faster systems and paid the "update" price by buying keyfiles for them.

    For example, I have bought my first keyfile for Pegasos1, which I don't use that much anymore and it's mainly for occasional testing, and I definitely wouldn't buy a paid update for it anymore. Since then I've moved to Mac mini, IBook, and PowerBook. And now I still have G5 and another IBook waiting for future registration.

    The worst thing with paid updates would be that it would split the user/machine base. It would create more work to developers if they'd want to support both old and new version with their software, or if they wouldn't do that, not-updated machines would be left for even less use. We saw how many MorphOS users stopped being active in 1.4.5 -> 2.0 switch, which was a similar situation. Our active userbase dropped dramatically by that.

    And if you look at the sold keyfiles chart, the amount of keyfiles sold per month has been constantly increasing, and I think that it's a prove that the natural path seems to work. I think that paid updates would scare users from registering new or secondary machines, and overall sales would drop. Users are what we need, and that wouldn't serve it.

    If MorphOS team would want more money, I think the better way could be an official voluntary donation option instead?

    And it's now clearly stated, that all updates to 3.x will be free always, so it's a bit useless to bring up the topic :)

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