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    cyfm wrote:
    There is indeed a new pricing scheme in effect as of today:

    So the FAQ should read something like this now:

    The price of a MorphOS hardware bound keyfile depends on your choice of target system.

    The prices are 79 EUR for
    - PowerBook G4 system,
    - iBook G4
    - Power Mac G5
    - eMac
    - Mac mini G4
    - Pegasos I
    - Pegasos II
    - PowerMac G4
    and 49 EUR for
    - EfikaPPC
    - Sam460 system

    And, just to make this clear again for people being afraid of loss of keyfile investment due to defective hardware: The hardware bound keyfile will be transferred free of charge to a replacement machine if ever required - not bound or time limited to the original registration date. The keyfile will also stay valid for every future MorphOS3 update that is ever going to be released.

    The information has not been updated on the webpages yet but it is going to happen soon ...

    Yes, good stuff.
    And thanks to the developers for the drop in prices and for making the pricing more even.
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