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    >>> Are OS4 users losing their shit?

    >> Wrong thread?

    > No, did you miss the Commodore A1200 Reloaded I quoted? A1200 is Amiga 1200.

    No, I just missed (until your comment, that is) the discussion of OS4 or its users in this thread.

    > it is an reverse engineered new Amiga 1200 motherboard. When I posted my reply
    > apparently this information was not yet news and hadn't spread whatsoever.

    What's the news exactly, except from the name change originally reported 3 weeks ago? Technically, nothing seems to have changed from what was announced 1.25 years ago.


    > I think this community is becoming more and more mad over decades.
    > I'm wondering what a psychologist would say of this kind of obsession.
    > So it's Commodore A1200 Reloaded, NOT Commodore Amiga A1200 Reloaded.
    > It's completely two different things. ;-)

    I read this comment as a sarcastic mocking of the irrational focus on the "Amiga" name displayed by some.

    > And signature line? X1000 + AmigaOS4.1 FE. Be authentic

    So what?

    > We'll likely see more of this.

    I hope so.

    > There is a certain segment of that Kommunity who will find Jens'
    > work a serious threat to their vision of "teh true".

    Any real examples of this?
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