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    redrumloa wrote:

    Here are some examples, videoes I made using a PC TV/Video capture card hooked directly to the original A/V output on my C64. Correct me if I am wrong, but I don't think a 1541U user could do any of these.

    Commodore 64 Battle Chess Easyflash in turbo mode:

    3D Pool Game on Commodore 64 in turbo mode:

    Printmaster Plus in turbo mode:

    Well, these obviously require software (or hardware) that can emulate faster CPU (of course real CPU could work too, but TC64 lacks that).

    I find the idea somewhat interesting on technical level, and I'm quite surprised, how many C64 programs seem to run rather "cleanly" with turbo mode without any modifications (I assume).

    Of course at this point, one would need to accept that "This is no longer on C64", fine by me, but I definitely have more respect for everything, that runs properly on real C64.

    Probably should try out some on emulators some day.

    Maybe I'm just a bit old fashioned with "This is how it was released", and that being the "correct" speed. And if it's too slow, the game just sucks :-D


    Motorhead - Orgasmatron full song on a C64 w/8580 SID(8bit 48Khz):

    Specs for the sample player:
    -Up to 7 voices of sampled audio simultaneously
    -Accessible through I/O space
    -8- or 16-bit samples
    -up to 48 kHz sample rate

    (This is through the cart's own audio out, mind you)

    Emulated SIDs (max. 2) can have max. 8 voices each.

    As for doing it via "native" output, not sure, if it would be doable with REU. Well, C64 can play 1MHz 4bit samples with just REU :-P

    But the biggest reason I prefer 1541 Ultimate series, they're in no way controlled by Jens. And don't even try to pretend there wouldn't be more than enough reasons for that :-D

    Oh, and about "SuperCPU incompatibility being a pro" - earlier I was wondering if there was some technical reason, why the cart couldn't do both (still don't know) - Metal Dust is actually quite a good game!

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