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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    >> Oli HD did his talk about his Coldfire project and Jens absolutely tore into Oli over it.

    > I have two Coldfire systems. They are actually pretty cool. And the cpus are dirt cheap with
    > support for PCI and LAN built in. So I'm not sure I give a rat's ass for what Jen's thinks.

    The fact you don't intend to run AmigaOS on them might play a role in your conclusion, I reckon ;-)

    Well, I am running an Atari derived OS (in text mode) on one system.
    And AmigaOS could be ported to run on Coldfire.
    68K software would still require a software layer to trap commands that differ between the two ISAs, but it can be done.
    And software that is recompiled has the benefit of running on a significantly faster cpu (my best Coldfire module runs at 266 MHz).

    Right now, I'd like to get the source code for the 68K version of Microware's OS-9 operating system for recompile (I already have the source for OS9000 but that is all C).

    Amigans, opinionated as always, dismissed the Coldfire out of hand.
    It seems to have served the Atari community well.
    "Never attribute to malice what can more readily explained by incompetence"
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