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    I've not seen Jens "harass" anyone, but I'm not familiar with this Z2 gfx card project.

    I was at Big Bash in 2006 and when Oli HD did his talk about his Coldfire project and Jens absolutely tore into Oli over it. I felt bad for Oli, I'd spoke to him earlier in the show and he's a decent guy. There was certainly no reason for Jens to be so harsh.

    I wouldn't let it stop me buying his products though.

    Hmm...I have two Coldfire systems.
    They are actually pretty cool.
    And the cpus are dirt cheap with support for PCI and LAN built in.
    So I'm not sure I give a rat's ass for what Jen's thinks.

    That being said, I guess in our small market we have to accept some eccentricity from our suppliers.
    Gunnar and the Apollo team and Jens at Individual seem like good examples of this.
    "Never attribute to malice what can more readily explained by incompetence"
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