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    Jupp3 wrote:
    Well, since he's got quite a bit of history of harassing competitors (and non-competitors) in the "retro-hardware" field, I don't quite like such behavior.

    It's (remotely) understandable when there's "similar" (read: often way better) competiting product (f.ex. Kryoflux vs. Catweasel), but why harass the guy, who's doing Zorro2 gfx card for Amiga 2000? I don't know of Individual Computers having done any gfx cards...

    And add to that the fact, that some promised features might not make it to the end product (but might make it into the follow-up product), some hardware just not working as advertised (Keyrah joystick ports are practically useless for any realtime gaming, despite advertised specifically for gaming), I try to find "non-Jens" alternative whenever possible.

    Too bad I bought MMC Replay just before finding out about 1541 Ultimate...

    I've not seen Jens "harass" anyone, but I'm not familiar with this Z2 gfx card project. Sounds like it never came out, so if he spoke negatively about it he must have been right. Considering the staggering example of vapor projects, I actually like his candor.

    BTW I think you will find the Turbo Chameleon 64 to be superior to the 1541 Ultimate in every way for little more money.
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