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    > it is a embedded system

    No, it's not. Please look up what the term means: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Embedded_system

    > pretending to be desktop

    It does have features typical for desktop like RAM slot(s), SATA/USB/GbE, PCI/PCIe, audio (Tabor, Nemo) and HDMI (Tabor). It's not just pretending it has these.

    > when you look at processor, graphics and so on it is embedded class

    It's "just" the processor (CPU core) that is "embedded class". Graphics is provided by a desktop-class PCIe graphics card in a PEG slot. What does "and so on" mean?

    > perhaps we can agree it is a desktop mainboard with processors
    > designed for embedded market

    Yes, that's exactly what I've been saying all along.

    > Freescale is obviously dropping PPC now.

    There has been no Freescale for a while.


    Yes, NXP is clearly in the process of dropping Power Architecture for new chips. According to their product longevity program, some Power Architecture chips will be available until 2029 (QorIQ) and 2031 (Qorivva), respectively.
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