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    ppcamiga1 schrieb:
    As You may easily find Vampire with core5 in sysspeed is still slower than 68060.
    Especially in higher resolutions.
    Vampire with core5 get 95,73 MIPS while 68060 80 MHz get 106,10 MIPS.
    68k "altivec" is interesting but for now there is no software which use it.

    nobody (or at least almost nobody :) ) realistic expects such a solution outperforming modern hardware. I do not know where you get your numbers, the last information I had wad that it runs comparable to 68060 100 Mhz. Also it includes lots of new commands so software can be optimized and run faster on it. Yes it is a toy and I do not expect it to overrun the market, it is filling a need in the 68k community where people wanted better hardware for their aging amigas and that at least affordable. So it fills the gap there but 68k is still way faster running in UAE on modern hardware. Amiga today is a retro market mainly with at least parts of the community being interested in better software and that needs truecolor, more processing power and more ram (partly much more ram). BTW at the moment all PPC options are toys compared to modern platforms because of no up-to-date browser and no Javascript JIT even beaten by simple smartphones.

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