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    ppcamiga1 schrieb:
    AROS is not source-compatible with AmigaOS 3.1.
    You have to spend some time coding for aros x86 and You get that most functions from amiga os are not compatible with amiga os because they were never tested with 68k software.
    Especially ZUNE is worth nothing crap which is far away from MUI 3.8 from 1997.

    Aros is source compatible, there are small differences on library level like missing or unimplemented fuctions but also new ones compared to 3.5 f.e. but it is very compatible. The 68k branch also is binary compatible and MUI 3.8 and even the newer one (however you call it) can be easily used by copying. Developers are indeed testing it together with Aros 68k and compatibility has improved considerably in recent time. Your posting does not sound like you having any experience with it so where do you know current state of Zune?

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