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    Re:Vampire 2 boards and Apollo core vs. 68060 cards

    It would be nice to have a 64-bit OS to take advantage of the new features of the Apollo core not present on the '060. In addition to 64-bit addressing, it has vector support also. If it ends up being "Aros 68k done right" then I'm all for it!

    Once I get my V500 baord I'm going to try to hand-compile the AHI software mixing routines for the Paula chip to take advatage of the vector ops to hopefully cut the processor overhead by 75% or so. That should be enough to bring the software mixer in line with the overhead of the other sound-card drivers.

    From there it should be possible to mix to the HDMI output once that get's implemented in the FPGA. That way there can be the possibility of surround sound and CD quality sound or better per channel.

    Does this sound like the capabilities of a stupid old '060 card to you?
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