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    Elowan wrote:
    Ok - my main worry was to be vulnerable when surfing the web.

    So it seems, MorphOS is maybe even more secure, than some linux distros - not because it is very safe and secured, but just because it´s rare and uncommon.

    Beware that this is not entirely true. Odyssey is based upon WebKit, and WebKit is certainly a pretty big target for attack. So if Odyssey doesn't use an up-to-date version of WebKit, then there is some risk.

    I don't know how up-to-date Odyssey's WebKit is on MorphOS, but on OS4 it is extremely out of date. Which, for example, leads to webpages being able to show a fake URL in the address bar, meaning you might think you are safely on your banking website, but in reality you are on a fake phishing website. An article about the exploit is here:

    And you can check if Odyssey is vulnerable using this:
    (Click on "Go", and you will see a fake Daily Mail URL in the address bar.)

    Note: If you could automatically disable JavaScript on all webpages, except those you white-list, then this would be much less of a problem. Odyssey v1.23 (for OS4) doesn't seem to have this option.
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