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    hi there,

    I´d like to know, how "secure" MOS is, compared to OS X 10.5.8 and to ubuntu Mate linux distros.

    AFAIK MorphOS has no "user privilleges concept", so basically any app can read/write into ram and therfore exploiting should be not too hard.

    AFAIK OS X has old Java, certificates and old everything. there is an issue with bash and if you must surf the web, well, there is TenFourFox for that.

    AFAIK Ubuntu ppc got also some bash issues, don´t know about surfing with firefox.

    I know, the biggest risk is sitting in front of the computer ;)
    But aside from this - what are your thoughts?

    Would you use MorphOS for online-banking, pay-pal, ebay and such?


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