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    jPV wrote:

    Update to 1.1 fixes http stream support and has better parsing for MPlayer.

    1.3 released :)
    - User selectable background images (if you create some nice images and would like to get them included to next releases, please send to me!)
    - Optional drop shadows to texts and buttons when using a background image
    - Configurable colors for texts and buttons
    - Default images with alpha transparency to suit better with background images

    And then also a new version of Chelp (thanks to M. Lunk for some ideas and feedback):
    - Cached descriptions are stored in plain text instead of HTML
    - Automatic updating of the cached descriptions
    - More verbose output
    - Wildcard listing of commands
    - Search option to list commands by a keyword found from their names or short descriptions
    - Update option to force downloading of a description
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