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    Cool_amigaN wrote:
    That's what I like about you jPV, you are an avid/everyday MorphOS user, who took the extra mile and learnt some coding to provide rest of us with awesome little utilities to improve our experience. Hope to find the time and start with some hollywood tutorials from next year (think about it as new year's resolution :P)/ Cheers mate! Btw, long time we haven't communicated, everything good?

    Yeah, all good :) Heh... I've had some other tutorials in mind for some time, maybe I'll try to do them first some day :) Quickly thought I wouldn't know where to start with Hollywood tutorial, because it highly depend what you'd want to do, there are so many possibilities how you could approach things with it.

    Hollywood's own manuals are excellent themselves. I think it's pretty enough if you read few introduction chapters from it, and then just have some goal and find&try functions you'd need to progress. Documentation gives examples for all functions and you can try them easily separately before adding them to your program. Just take small steps and try things out if they suit for you or not. I had Hollywood's HTML manuals open all the time and if you have any experience with (script) programming, you get hold of it pretty quickly.
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