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    Zylesea schrieb:

    Zylesea schrieb:

    - A small program/app with the target group mommies and daddies from Germany and neighboring countries - will be mainly for Android, but a MorphOS version will come as well. MorphOS is my development system as it gets done with Hollywood/Cubic. Will most likely get called "Hurra, ich wachse!". Quite some code written, but still a good share to do.

    Put a very first (MorphOS) version online: http://via.i-networx.de/HIW/about.htm

    Hurra - ich wachse V1.0 is very close to call it finished (all 1.0 features are implemented now). Put a preliminary V 1.0 exclusively for MorphOS online: http://via.i-networx.de/HIW/about.htm

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