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    redrumloa wrote:
    One thing that sucks is how bad Youtube screwed everything up. I can't log in and can't get any spoof to "full screen" anymore. I need the brute force of the 2.7Ghz to watch small videos.

    "Full screen" works still very well, but you need to remove old workarounds for that nowadays :)
    1) Have the latest Fullscreen Fix script installed and enabled
    2) Don't use the Youtube HTML5 converter scripts anymore (disable it/them from the Scripts window)
    3) Don't spoof as any iphone/ipad (just go with the default OWB user agent).
    ( 4) if video doesn't play at all, check your content blocking settings)

    A detailed guide can be found here.

    Log in problem is still there, but maybe we'll get a fix for it some time... OS4 folks already made some progress with it recently, and the code should be available out there.
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