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    redrumloa schrieb:
    Getting too quiet around here! What are you guys all up to with your MorphOS computers? Rediscovering any old games or apps? Working on any super secret projects? Start talking dammmmit! :-o

    I am mainly busy improving my programming skills and am actually working on a three new Hollywood projects which I scheduled for this year:

    - A small program/app with the target group mommies and daddies from Germany and neighboring countries - will be mainly for Android, but a MorphOS version will come as well. MorphOS is my development system as it gets done with Hollywood/Cubic. Will most likely get called "Hurra, ich wachse!". Quite some code written, but still a good share to do.

    - A simple artillery game. I always wanted to write a game, will be simple but hopefully some fun. Cannot say much about that as I am in very early development state.

    - a content description tool. Still in project definition phase.

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