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    From what I was able to figure out ....

    So your comments, however well meant and well informed . . are guesses it seems, sadly

    I did get a reply from Deron and some information on how I could get my Pagestream for MorphOS running prior to the 2015 AmiWest Show

    Was that PageStream 4 or PageStream 5?

    Deron obviously avoids hostile confrontations with any users, but might respond to users who do not make harsh comments on the Pagestream forum, I don't know.

    That's all very nice for him, but he needs to know, and should be broad-shouldered enough to take honest comments on the state he has left the PageStream product in, for every OS he has coded it for it seems.


    Has anyone here tested any of the Pagestream versions for Windows or MacOSX?

    I have the Windows version - very flaky, the Amiga 68k version - doesn't work, OS4 version - same/useless. The Mac OSX version requires an Intel Core Mac, so I'm not going there, and there is no PPC version for Mac OSX. I am not aware of anything working better, or worse than not working at all, for the Linux version compared to the other versions in existence. Oh, and the MorphOS version is currently buyable, but vapourware - so isn't that a reason for anyone having bought it (DiscreetFX for one) to be a little more than annoyed?


    It would be great to have a fully working version for MorphOS in the near future.

    Yes, that's why I'd like to know if Frank's work is likely to amount to anything in the future, for us all, and not just a cupboard project that's going nowhere.
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