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    Jim wrote:

    Kronos wrote:

    Frank did demo an ( enhanced) version at Neuss.

    Not sure what the full story is on that one.

    I was not aware of that.
    Makes you wonder who did the MUI coding.

    From what I was able to figure out from different comments made by a few different people, the work done to allow the latest version of Pagestream to run on MorphOS was the result of Frank writing some patch code to fix one or more problems that Deron could not (or would not) finish. As Pagestream is not Franks project, he could not release his patch code without permission of the owner of Pagestream. I also don't think that Frank wanted to get sucked into providing any kind of support for Pagestream, which is very understandable.

    I did get a reply from Deron and some information on how I could get my Pagestream for MorphOS running prior to the 2015 AmiWest Show, but I was too busy with other things to try to get it installed and working. I wanted to demo it at the show, but failed to do so. Maybe I can get it installed and working in time for the 2016 AmiWest Show?

    Deron obviously avoids hostile confrontations with any users, but might respond to users who do not make harsh comments on the Pagestream forum, I don't know. Has anyone here tested any of the Pagestream versions for Windows or MacOSX? It would be great to have a fully working version for MorphOS in the near future.
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