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    Jim wrote:
    BTW - Why should Frank comment on a project Deron has not completed?

    Frank, I believe, helped Deron with the intricacies of MUI programming, that Deron couldn't come to terms with, which is what I discussed with Frank briefly, and as a result seems to have managed to produce the only working PageStream version, for MorphOS, I have ever heard of, so it would be nice to know from Frank how complete the version he worked on was, and if there were still any unresolved bugs.

    I am only asking Frank, because I cannot get any reply from Deron, and so someone who is on the Development team within MOS is more likely to state the facts, or tell us what he knows, if he is not subject to a NDA, than never getting a reply from Deron.

    Also, didn't Deron post that he was looking for help with MUI over five years ago?

    See above, which is why Frank might know more than anyone else, other than the elusive Deron Kazmaier !


    It is a real tribute to the Amiga that this type of software originated on that platform.

    It didn't, it originated on the Atari ST. See PageStream Overview - History

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