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    I too have a great interest in seeing a working MorphOS version of PageStream, and though I heard of a working version at the 30 year event at Neuss I personally have had no reply from Deron Kazmaier as to its current point in being completed/released. I asked this question via the PageStream site only about a week ago - no reply back, thus far, and I'm, sadly, not optimistic I will get a reply.

    I spoke to Frank Mariak, a while ago, regarding this very issue of the MorphOS version, which brought about Frank getting in contact with Deron, I believe, and the subsequent working version that was shown at Neuss. So it seems it is possible, and may be a reality.

    As you say it is shown as available for sale on the PageStream website/shop, but I doubt if I'd see anything for any money paid to the shop for this specific product, and I'm not prepared to take such a chance without more definitive confirmation of its availability, and what testing as to its functional reliability has been established.

    PageStream 4 was a great product, and PageStream 5 had great potential, but trying to break into the Windows market, at the same time as the Mac and Linux markets, while keeping an Amiga application alive with virtually a useless or unuseable product, as that seemed to be the one with the least coding time spent on it, has not shown Deron's previous capabilities in a good light, and I feel Deron was 'biting off more than he could chew', in those circumstances.

    I would like to remain optimistic, but when you ask questions to the email area of the PageStream site that never get answered, and the Yahoo groups moderators prevent such questions from being asked on the forum, you have to doubt that Deron is taking his role seriously, or prepared to do what is right by everyone who would support him, to see that he was actually going to 'get his finger out'.

    I'm not saying that he, and his family don't have other commitments or interests elsewhere than PageStream, but if that's the case why doesn't he hand over the code for someone else to move it forward. He's made quite a bit of money out of it in the past, but if his intentions are to complete fixing it, as it is a flawed product in whichever OS you choose to try it out on, then he should get on with doing just that.

    I fully understand your frustration, and stance, and would appreciate some response from Frank Mariak, as to where the work he did to get the PageStream version actually functioning, as reported at Neuss, and if he has any glimmer of hope to offer us all, if Deron gave him any response(s) as to his realistic intentions with PageStream, and in particular the MorphOS version.
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