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    deka wrote:
    >On the contrary it is extremely likely for the following reason: power efficiency.

    Who seriously cares about this?
    The user experience doesn't depend closely, what is inside the computer case/notebook. A well built machine works well, and a less quality product will give less good user experience. I think, the architecture doesn't matter from the users point of view. What matters is a nice ergonomy, good keys, screen, etc...

    I surely don't and in real life I only hear people saying "I bought this computer because it's fast", after the "cheap" part. For instance take a 2500€ X1000: if I would buy that because it's power efficient compared to a comparable x68 machine in speed I would have to use it for 20 years before turning brake even on the electricity bill.

    Anyway whoever is in to serious computing will find other things to save on electricity and not on his computer and the ones who just buy a computer to do general stuff every once in a day buy a cheap one from the supermarket.
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