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    amigabeliever wrote:

    On the contrary it is extremely likely for the following reason: power efficiency. X86 and ARM are and will remain approximatively on par on this metric in the server world. There is a market for something more power efficient. An 14nm process p6600 or i6400 will beat the power efficiency of a 14nm process ARM or X86 processor at server clockspeeds anytime. At mobile clockspeed, it will beat the x86 efficiency while being similar or slightly better than the ARM.

    While the MIPS seams the most likely candidate, if it doesn't work, another power-efficient architecture will take the spot. It may be the Power8 and successors, it may be something totally unexpected, but there **will** be a power efficient processor architecture coming as a third platform.

    The most efficient architecture at any given time is was and will be the one that had the most R&D invested in the years before.

    Billions flowing into x86 right now, not soon to change.

    ARM is pushed by industry gigants like Apple, Samsung,Google and even Intel.

    PPC is a deadend outside Power (which isn't targeted in that direction)

    And now you explain to me why MIPS backed up by nothing but obscurity should win over those.
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