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    amigabeliever wrote:

    Maybe I wasn't clear but what I want to say with the ARM server question is that there **will** be a third architecture alongside the ARM/x86 duo.

    No, this is extremely unlikely, there is nothing suggesting a realistic outcome like the one you describe.


    The processor market will not remain x86/ARM only.

    Yes, give it enough time, and everything will most likely boil down to these architectures (32-bit/64-bit).


    The fact that the MIPS platform is growing, being used in cheap smartphones and tablets, makes it a likely candidate. It will allow what people had hoped about the ARM, to use it in both mobile devices as well as, with many more cores, in servers, being cheap and power efficient, precisely what companies wanted to do with the ARM but which didn't supply the hoped power efficiency.

    Are you on drugs? Or have you simply lost your connection to reality?


    When you try something, you may or may not succeed, when you don't try it, you're garanteed not to succeed.
    The worse which can happen is to fail which will be no worse than not having tried. Keep this in mind.

    When you drive off a cliff, you may or you may not survive. But there is no need to try it in order to understand why it would be a bad idea. That's why we have brains.
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