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    When you try something, you may or may not succeed, when you don't try it, you're garanteed not to succeed.
    The worse which can happen is to fail which will be no worse than not having tried. Keep this in mind.

    That's a common phrase. In fact "just trying" isn't enough if you want to succeed. You must know your goals and draw different scenarios and pursue the most probable for a success.
    If the aim is to get a sustainalble market for MorphOS buiding an own hardware is probably not the way to go. The risk and investement is too high.
    Better bring MorphOS to the common devices (read normal computerrs or ARM gadgets). You save the cost of a hardware development, production and distribution/sales.

    If the aim is to enter the mass market offering a complete package is one way to approach teh market. Bit it includes high risks (mostly financia risks). Even for trying to enter the mass market I would rather pursue a software only solution.

    And i guess there are different goals for MorphOS. Some want to make it mainstream others are pretty satisfied with a sustainable niche market. I guess most of the team belong to the latter. They do MorphOS not primarily for the money but mostly for the love of it. I like that approach very much. And if you don't want to conquer the mass market you are much more free.
    If - by chance - MorphSo would get a bigger market share though, I think only few would refuse that. But getting a serious piece of the market is not the primary goal. It's of course also a given that current user base is too small. An increase by the factor of about 10 or so would be quite a success and enable a vivid and kind of sustainable niche.
    Eventually it's up the developers to define their goal. But I guess high sales numbers are not their biggest driving force.

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